Argument Writing: Assignment


Phase One

  • Choose a topic which has two distinct sides to argue.
  • Research both sides of the argument and compile a pro list and a con list, complete with links to articles, webpages, videos, etc.
  • Create a new page (NOT a new wiki) and use your topic as the title.
  • Create a table for your pros and cons, and link each resource within the table. You must have five resources for each side (10 total).
  • Add your notes and information from the sources next to each link. Remember to use quotation marks if you directly quote (copy) information.
  • DUE BY: Friday, April 4

Phase Two

  • Visit other pages and use the discussion tab to comment on and question their ideas and resources.
  • Try to find points they have not thought about.
  • BE POLITE: no name-calling, insults, or negativity
  • Say: "I disagree with this because," "This doesn't seem right. Have you thought about this," "This source seems biased. For example"
  • Don't say: "This/You are dumb/stupid," "You're wrong," "I don't agree"
  • BE INTELLIGENT: think about what you are commenting before you click submit
  • Respond to discussion posts on your own page.
  • Write a thesis statement that includes your opinion on the topic, plus your three main points of argument. Write the thesis on your page, under the pro/con table.
  • DUE BY: Tuesday, April 22

Phase Three

  • Using the resources you compiled and the discussions you had, write a traditional editorial on your topic.
  • Use the 5-paragraph method: introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion
  • Include 2 or more appeals
  • Include 3 or more rhetorical devices
  • Address all appropriate counterclaims (you should have one or more in each body paragraph)
  • Write or paste your essay into your page, under the thesis statement.